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Contributed by Noreen Ahmad Ariff   

Saturday, 24 February 2007, 12:09pm

Ngan Siong HingIPOH, Fri: Image The Perak Bar held its annual general meeting at the High Court (No.1) here at 3pm today.

Annual general meetings both at the state and national levels are usually the avenue where we witness members of the Bar engaging themselves in verbal acrobatics against each other, but the Perak Bars AGM was different. It started and concluded smoothly with the incumbent Chairman of the Perak Bar, Ngan Siong being returned unopposed for a second term.

On the other hand, the Committee members for 2007/2008 are a combination of old and new faces.

The committee members who were in last year committee and remain in this new term are Shamsuriah Sulaiman, Choy Kam Lee, Edwin Seibel a/l Vethakan Pakiannathan and Jagjit Singh a/l Gian Singh. The new faces of the Committee are Rashpal Singh, Yee Seu Kai, Gavin Tang Cheng Loong, Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Salleh, Kenny Lai Choe Ken and Dara Waheda bte Mohd Rufin.

It is pleasing to see that 5 out the 10 Committee members - Rashpal, Gavin, Mohamad Nizam, Kenny and Dara Waheda are young lawyers.

All the Committee members were elected without any contest. The members also unanimously elected Shan Theivanthiran as the Perak Bar Representative to the Bar Council Malaysia.

Another matter that was discussed during the meeting was the proposal by the Perak Bar Committee that they have control over the court boxes. Currently, there are some firms exchanging the court box numbers while some other firms do not have a box at both the Lower and High Courts. This results in different firms sharing the same court box number.

The committee suggested that new boxes should replace the old ones. These boxes will then be loaned to the firms at an annual maintenance fee of RM5. The resolution was passed with 44 members voting in favour of the same.

The meeting ended at around 4:15 pm with members of the Bar being treated to tea, cakes and sandwiches served outside the Courtroom.

Meanwhile, the Negri Sembilan State Bar will hold its AGM on Monday, February 26 while the Selangor and Kedah/Perlis Bars will hold theirs on Tuesday, February 27, and the Terengganu Bar's AGM is fixed on Wednesday, February 28.

Ngan chairing the Perak Bar AGM

Perak Bar AGM 2007

Perak Bar Committee 2007/2008

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Written by Stephen Tan Ban Cheng on 24 February, 2007 at 16:42 PM

My heartiest congratulations to all those who have been elected to serve.

To the Perak Bar chairman and Bar Representative, it is my hope that you guys will continue to maintain the unity of the Malaysian Bar so that it can continue to discharge the functions of nation-building without fear or favour.

God bless all your endeavours.